Often Asked Questions

How can I be sure I can trust you with my items?

Martin Kaye has been in the preowned watch and jewellery business for over 35 years. Serving literally thousands of customers over that time. We pride ourselves on giving you the best professional personal service possible.

And the parcels will be handled by me personally.

What is your experience?

Acting as valuers with the trade and consultants to auction houses in this country and abroad for many years our knowledge of watches and jewellery values we believe are second to none.

I have visited over 50 countries and advertised for watches and jewellery throughout the world.

How safe is it to send in my items?

We send you a Royal Mail special delivery pack that is insured and addressed back to us. Once you go to the post office and hand the parcel to one of the cashiers you will get a receipt with a tracking number on that is traced door to door and has to be signed for when delivered. The packages are guaranteed next day delivery.

What happens when you receive the parcel.

1. Each parcel is opened under close up video and is checked against the list of items you have filled in so as to ensure both parties are protected against any discrepancies.
2. I will personally inspect each item and you will be contacted with an offer usually same day or within 48hours your parcel can be confirmed as delivered by logging on to Royal Mail track and trace with your tracking number.
3. If offer is accepted payment will be made directly into your bank/ building society usually same day or within 48hours or in some circumstances cash can be sent which is fully insured up to £2500 .
4. Should you decide not to sell one or all of the items sent all goods returned by Royal Mail special delivery insured post.

What items do you buy?

Please check our lists on the website. We buy watches that can be in any condition provided they are the brands mentioned we do not buy battery or quartz watches we do not purchase counterfeit , copy or watches that are not legally owned by yourself. Rusty watches we will only buy as parts even if you think your watch doesn’t appear to have much value please still enquire. We recently bought an old Rolex which the owner was going to throw out and we paid £1500 for it. We buy all jewellery especially items pre 1980. Again please check the list on our website.

What is the advantage of selling to you as opposed to others?

With my many years experience and knowledge acquired by handling thousands of items ranging from relatively small values to ones worth many thousands of pounds and by purchasing watches jewellery and diamonds from the trade and around the world since the 1980s you can be assured that you will receive my personal attention . Also we are the prudent alternative to auction houses . There’s no commissions to pay or hidden charges and we pay you within 48 hours not up to 48 DAYS or more!

I need another pack for a friend or relative

Please just call us or email us for another pack mentioning your name and address and any transactions made over £100 we will send you a minimum of £10 as a gesture of goodwill.

I look forward to doing business with you.